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  • "Quotes I can't thank you enough for making this the best kitten experience I've ever had. I sure did get the BEST Christmas present, he is just the cutest kitten I have ever see..."
    Maxim's Mummy :)
  • "Thank you so much for my new furbaby Fasara Tyhce! The experience has been AWESOME! After going through a not so good breeder with my first "ragdoll" I am so conscientious of wh..."
    Extremely satisfied new mummy of Tyhce
  • "Bambi is the big 6 months this week, which means that we have had him for 3 months! Time has flown. He has settled into our lives perfectly and has been a joy from the start. Ev..."
    Shae & Jay
    Our fur baby
       Kitten Information and Pricing



FASARA RAGDOLL furbabies come:

*Desexed - non negotiable



*Frontlined or Revolutioned,

*Micro- chipped

* NSW CFA Pedigree/Breed Registration

  Certificate (emailed copy for ALL PETS (mismarked and perfectly marked)  and full transfer - mailed for SHOW and BREEDER kittens to members of approved affiliated associations.)

* Kitten care sheet

* litter trained

*with a  sample of their current food

*Some toys  (see samples- vary)


 Our babies have been hand raised indoors and are accustom to household routines such as vaccuming, tv, dishwasher, etc

Interstate and International enquires welcome. All transport fees are in addition to the kitten purchase price.

       Pet kittens start from $750 onward (desexed)


       Show kittens start from $1000 onward (desexed)

   CONTRACTED Breeders POA (to REGISTERED/APPROVED ETHICAL BREEDERS ONLY- please be certain to give us as much information as possible, including current bloodlines and goals  in your current breeding program)




To secure your furbaby a non-refundable BOOKING FEE of $350 (pets) or $500 (show kitten or breeder) is required with the balance payable 2 weeks before your kitty comes home.

Often the kitten you choose today is sold to someone else tomorrow who pays their deposit before you, to avoid dissappointment contact us by email to reserve your chosen furbaby.

[email protected]

Layby or installment  payments are most welcome.



If we don't have exactly what you are looking for at the moment, email us with your requirements, including sex, colour and pattern and we will place you on a reservation waiting list.

Occasionally ENTIRE future queens or kings are sold to registered breeders, within Australia or Worldwide, once again email us for details.




You and your new Furbaby will require: A safe carry cage to travel in, a litter tray  (we use OZ-PET litter trays and Litter and highly recommend them), perhaps a stratching pole as this saves your furniture.






All care and attention has been taken to insure the health, wellbeing  and fitness of the animal(s) you are purchasing today and to the best of our knowledge there are no known congenital or hereditary defects in either the parents or this offspring you have purchased. Vendor represents and warrants that the cat is in good health and free of known ailments. Within 72 hours of receipt of the cat, buyer may, at his/her option and sole expense, have the cat examined by a licensed veterinarian. If such veterinarian certifies to vendor within 24 hours of such examination that the examination revealed any genetic defect in the health of the cat, vendor shall, upon return of the cat to vendor provide buyer with a suitable replacement cat/kitten, however we do not offer refunds and the cost of shipping will be that of the vendor to receive a replacement kitten.  All parents have been tested CLEAR of HCM and PKD .  Also FIV/Felv CLEAR as mentioned in initial correspondence.


 Upon no condition shall the vendor be responsible for payment of any medical treatment provided   to the cat by purchaser.


Why it is important to purchase from a breeder who tests for HCM and PKD 


WORMING & FLEA TREATMENTS: REMEMEBER REGULAR PARASITE DOSAGE TREATS/CONTROLS/REDUCES INTERNAL and EXTERNAL PARASITES from multiplying. There are no products available to consumers or vets to completely ELIMINATE ALL PARASITES - that is why we TREAT and RECOMMEND you CONTINUE to treat on a REGULAR BASIS.  It is impossible to guarantee PARASITE FREE PETS as ALL LIVING CREATURES have PARASITES in one form or another ? EVEN HUMANS! It is a very important procedure to adhere to and failure to regularly TREAT for INTERNAL and EXTERNAL PARASITES may have an impact on your beloved furbaby. As Ethical and Responsible breeders, we do everything within our power to provide the BEST START for your kitten by ensuring they are REGULARLY DOSED for the TREATMENT/ CONTROL/MANAGEMENT of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL PARASITES.


We use and recommend Milbemax for worming and Revolution or Frontline for flea prevention.



A LIFE TIME RESPONSIBILITY - RAGDOLLS LIVE BETWEEN 10-15 years therefore your adoption commitment MUST want a FAMILY MEMBER not just a cute, cuddly kitten. We are opposed of impulse buying and if you are uncertain of your level of commitment we would rather not offer you our furbabies. This is not to be offensive, our dedication to carefully consider each and every mating, the pregnancy and the raising of our furbabies is a labour of LOVE and we try very hard to match a suitable kitten to suitable families through our interviewing process. Kittens and cats do meow, they do have fur that sheds to some degree and they do go to the toilet and like any other living creature (including you and I)  it does contain the odour of whatever the food supply is. We DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS for a CHANGE OF MIND - especially if it is weeks or months after the purchase of your kitten. We do however offer a non judgmental re-homing facility if you are unable to care for your baby ( eg new baby in the household, moving overseas, retiring and travelling, etc.) no remuneration whatsoever for the kitten/cat is offered for this service.It is a gesture of our kindness and care for the welling and happiness of the furbaby we have bred with love and dedication.