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                         PATTERN & COLOUR


PREDICTOR : http://www.definitive-ragdollcat.co.uk/page_993407.html 

  STANDARDS -  http://www.ragdollcats.biz/standard.htm


At the moment, there are THREE recognised standard patterns - Colourpoint, Mitted and Bi-Colour.


There are FOUR recognised TRADITIONAL colours –Seal, Blue, Lilac and Chocolate.  FASARA RAGDOLLS will be striving to acheive excellence in the traditional colours.

There are also new, "non-traditional" colours and patterns and more are being developed by crossbreeding with other breeds and old original Ragdoll lines. These include tortie points, lynx points, shaded silvers, cream points, red/flame points and solid colours (no points).

So lets take a good look at them by PATTERN and COLOUR together.



             COLOUR POINT

All Colourpoints will have:  the points, ears, mask, paws and tail are to be dark with colour well defined. The body should have a definite contrast to the points. Soft shadings of colour are allowed on the body, as the cat gets older. Nose leather is the colour of the points.

For show cats in colour pont variety, white anywhere is a fault. (CCCA Offical Breed Standards)


SEAL COLOUR POINT -The body color should range from ivory to pale fawn beige, shading gradually into a lighter color on the belly and chest. The points will range from a warm seal brown to a deep brownish black. The paw pads and nose leather to be a seal brown to brownish black, with rosy undertones allowed. Eye colour is a clear, deep, brilliant blue.


BLUE COLOUR POINT - Points are slate blue to a glacial white/pale bluish coat, shading, if any, is to tone with the points but a much lighter shade. Points are slate blue.  Nose and paw pads are slate blue. Cold-toned blue, with paler shades preferred. Eye colour is clear, bright, vivid blue.



CHOCOLATE COLOUR POINT- Points are milk chocolate. The body colour is ivory with colour shading on the body the colour of points. Nose and paw pads are burnt rose tone.Eye colour is clear, bright, vivid blue.



LILAC COLOUR POINT- Points are soft pinkish-grey, with paler colours prefered for show cats. The body colour is a milky off-white (magnolia shade) Nose and paw pads are lavender pink.Eye colour is clear, deep blue preferably with violet undertones.


 Lilac points - Ragdoll Kittens




 SEAL MITTED -  under construction!! Thankyou for your patience :)                                                                                            








              BI-COLOUR PATTERN





               BLUE BICOLOUR